Ayurvedic Rituals

Dosha Balancing
90 Min | $125
60 Min | $95
Performed with warm Herbal Infused Massage Oil. The oil is prepared by traditional Ayurvedic methods and has tremendous healing properties. This therapy begins the process of balancing the constitution, so results linger for hours. The massage oil is selected based on the client’s constitutional needs and elemental make up. This treatment is enhanced with heat packs and marma point massage.
The Shirodhara
60 Min | $115
An ancient therapy used for centuries to restore inner calm, balance the emotions, and to rejuvenate hair and scalp. Begin with a soothing, gentle stream of warm herbal oil to the “third eye” to quiet the mind and soothe the senses. The nourishing and conditioning oil is massaged into the hair and scalp, and then enhanced by an application of Ayurvedic herbs. Includes massage of the marma face points, shoulders, hands and feet with Herbal Infused Body Oil. Ending with a tsunami shower.
Bindi Herbal Body Treatment
60 Min | $115
This treatment is the heart of our Ayurvedic Rituals program. It includes an Herbal body mask, exfoliation, dry brushing, aromatherapy, body and marma face points massage, leaving the skin soft, smooth and nourished by warm herbal infused body oils. Ending with a tsunami shower. This treatment works to strengthen the immune system and helps eliminate stress and anxiety.
90 Min | $175
This deluxe package combines the Bindi Herbal Body Treatment and Shirodhara into one divine experience.