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Combatting The Ills of Stress with Massage

Everyone feels the negative effects of stress, but may not be aware of the multitudes of ways it can impact one's livelihood. Stress can compound almost every health problem. Everything from depression and headaches to Alzheimer's and heart disease can be effected.

An immediate effect of stress on the body is muscle tension. The tension may gather in the shoulders, neck and head. As muscles…

Aging and the Skin (Part 1): Tracy's Skin Transformation Journey

This is the story of how a seemingly small change brought on one of the largest "AHA" moments of my life.

All About the Brows, 'Bout the Brows...No Trouble!

When I was growing up, my mother kept an old coffee cup that we used to melt hard wax. We waxed our own mustaches and plucked our own eyebrows. YIKES!

PHabulous Skin

You may remember learning about the PH scale from chemistry class, but what does this have to with skin? Well, it just so happens that maintaining the balance, or the Potential Hydrogen level of your skin, is key to maintaining healthy skin.

Evolution of massage in the US

It all started back in 1879. A female therapist was called a masseuse, a French verb meaning "to massage." In those days there were minimal requirements for massage background knowledge and education. In WWI massage was used on soldiers who suffered nerve injury or shell shock. Massage was only introduced to the wealthy as a luxury treatment. Later, massage went through an unsavory period with the rising popularity of massage parlors. Unfortunately, some still exist.

Beauty Tricks, Tips and Suburban Legends

I asked my 17 year old daughter what she'd like to read on a beauty blog and her knee-jerk response was "Beauty Tips!" Hmmm! Beauty tips! Has it ever been done before?! Well, I decided to get some deep nagging questions from her and this was the result.


This industry is flooded with buzz words and trends that we are all trying to keep up with, such as the term cosmeceuticals. This term has been around for a while, but what does it mean? The word cosmeceuticals refers to a specific class of cosmetics. As of now, there are only two categories recognized by the FDA, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical. Cosmeceuticals is a category that has been created to bridge the gap between these two.

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